Bring efficiency in day to day operations with SAP Audit Management

Are you in need of an Audit System that is capable of multiple Audits? Auditing was never this easy! 

SAP Audit Management for SAP S/4HANA provides an end-to-end audit management solution that can be used to build audit plans, prepare audits, analyze relevant information, document result, form an audit opinion, communicate results, and monitor progress.

With mobile capabilities, you can simplify activities such as documentation of evidence, organization of electronic working papers, and creation of audit reports.


Key Feature
Plan audits Create an audit engagement plan for a planning period and assign proper resources. You can use master data such as risks and dimensions to build a risk-based audit plan. You can also have an overview of risk coverage by auditable items and audits.
Prepare audits Prepare audit work programs manually, using predefined templates, or by copying from previous audits. You can also use mass uploading tools to easily upload your work programs. Test procedures, questionnaires, and automatic detection tasks are supported. Optionally, you can generate audit announcement letters and distribute it to the stakeholders.
Execute audits Process your work packages online or offline using Adobe forms. You can manage working papers, document your audit work, create findings, and propose action plans based on your audit evidence.
Reporting Prepare, review, approve, and issue audit reports. With predefined report templates in multiple formats, you can easily generate audit reports online.
Follow up audit findings
and action plans
Follow up with auditees by monitoring the status of findings and action plans. View historical action plans and decide if further action is needed.
Integrate with other
SAP solutions
You can integrate with other solutions, such as SAP Business Integrity Screening, SAP Process Control, and SAP Risk Management

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